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Resin Impregnating

Impregnating of Die Cast Aluminum and Aluminum Stampings, cast and bronze, will assure the product is leak-free.

J.L. DI-COAT has both resin and silicate impregnating lines which are capable of Vacuum and Pressure Procedures.

The resin unit is 36”. It has a high production output and can meet any standards and specifications you may require. Three shift operations.

Resin Impregnating Example From JL Di-Coat Resin Impregnating

Silicate Impregnating

Silicate Impregnation

We have a 24' vacuum pressure system. We use an oven at 200° for 20 minutes for curing time. We have three shift capabilities resulting in an efficient, high production line.

We use Ultraseal PC504/66 for our resin. It will meet Mil spec MIL-I-17563c. Class 1 and 3.


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